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Posted on May 3, 2011


It’s not very often that I have a sit down breakfast on a Monday morning (or any mornings other than weekends). It’s because I have a Monday to Friday 8 to 5 job and I feel that I have a moral obligation to myself to turn up at my desk (well financial obligation too.. but that’s not my primary motivation in life!).

Yesterday, was an exception though and I chose to spend my day wisely by having breakfast at Sayers in Leederville. I’ve been here a couple of times on a Sunday and it’s so busy that I can’t get a table. But being a Monday I figured it wouldn’t be too bad after all.

On arrival (approx 10.30am), Sayers is full and is as vibrant as its Sunday crowd. I grabbed a table around the side in the alleyway and scans the crowd. There’s a mixture of mums, professionals, the olds and the youngs. At this stage I started to wonder if everyone here are regulars (I’m jealous!) or do they have a special privilege like me today to not feel like they have to be somewhere.

All these thoughts were quickly forgotten when a waitress carried through a plate of breakfast to the table behind us. From what I can see it’s scrambled eggs with neatly piled smoked salmon on top, elegantly finished off with rocket & shaved cheese.

I quickly grabbed a menu and found myself uuming and aaaring over what to eat as they all looked really good!

Finally,I settled on the Potato rosti, poached eggs, bacon, onion jam, lemonscented wilted spinach & chai latte.

The chai latte was fragrant, however taste wise – I think I’ve had better.

The potato rosti was tart-like with perfectly cooked shredded potatoes and onion jam through the middle. It was fluffy. It was moist and the caramelised onions made the potatoes really exciting. Eaten together with the tender and mildly salted bacon and poached eggs.. it was truly a dish where the flavours really complemented each other.

I’m big on simple foods with big flavours and this is a breakfast that is an absolute delight to finish. 

The ‘Taff’ (my other half as he would like himself known as) ordered himself chorizo baked egg, oven roasted tomato & rocket which came in a mini round frying pan accompanied with bread.

I am slightly skeptical about baked eggs as I am a firm believer that eggs should be eaten only slightly cooked with soft white and oozing yolk. I  feared that baked eggs may be dry and too ‘solid’ for my liking. But..I don’t know how they do it – these eggs are moist and fluffy and the chorizo just adds so much texture and flavours to the whole dish.

Overall, Sayers definitely lives up to its name – every elements of the dish is great due to the fresh produce and quality ingredients used.

They say start your day with a good breakfast, I say start your WEEK with a great breakfast!

Rating: 9 out of 10

224 Carr Place, Leederville, Perth WA
Tel: (08) 9227 0429

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