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Posted on April 27, 2012


We woke up on Sunday morning and decided that we’re going to South Perth for breakfast. Our dog looked like he could do with a bit of street gazing from under the table too.  

We had planned to go to Halo, but they only had one outdoor table which was already taken. So we walked further and decided to give Gusto a try. They had plenty of free tables outside but on peering in, I realised how packed it was inside and everyone had something delicious looking in front of them.

As soon as we sat down, a waiter came along to drop off glasses and a bottle of water. We were thoroughly impressed with the service straight away. The menu had a good range and variety and we quickly realised that it was going to be hard deciding on something.

We finally decided on ‘the lot’ and the homemade crumpets with peanut crumble along with my favourite Sunday chai latte and his long mac.

Chai latte arrived and the cinnamon hits me straight away, always a good thing! I wasn’t disappointed.

Next came our food…

“The Lot” 

The first thing we noticed was – it’s huge!! The plate was almost the length of our table. It comes with 2 perfectly poached eggs, honeyed bacon which is still slightly moist, butter mushrooms, toast with plenty of butter on the side, potato cakes, cooked tomato and sausages. The onion relish compliments the potato cakes, which is slightly bland if eaten on its own. The only let down were the sausages, which were a bit bland too. 

  Homemade crumpets with peanut crumble, cream and berries

It looked amazing when they put it down on the table.. and it tasted even more amazing! It has to be the best breakfast/dessert type dish we’ve ever had. The peanut crumble is to die for.. it is sweet, salty, crumbly, it melts in your mouth and it makes you want more with each mouthful. The crumpets were soft and fluffy and are the perfect vehicle to combine all that cream, peanut and berries together. It was the perfect start of our Sunday and perfect end to the meal.

Gusto in South Perth was definitely a nice understated surprise for us. We haven’t stopped thinking about the peanut crumble since. Definitely don’t miss it if you’re in South Perth.

Gusto Food Cafe
86 Angelo St, South Perth

Breakfast @ 11.05am
22 April 2012



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