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Posted on April 27, 2012


The  Omakase Menu!

First impression – very trendy! As we had arrived earlier, we had drinks at the bar.

Pre dinner drinks at the bar

We were seated at our table about 10 mins later, which was great as I couldn’t wait to get into the food! Tip for readers, ask for a proper table and make sure you don’t get one of the bench tables… The only thing that made the dining experience more bearable were the round cushions which I used to prop my back up!

After a lot of hand waving at the waiters, we finally got some attention and ordered the omakase menu. Mainly because the menu looked so good and we were happy to eat everything on there, so we are leaving the decisions to someone else.

We were told the menu would be the chef’s selection of 2 cold, 2 hot, salad, soup and dessert- sounds brilliant!

And so our journey of gastronomy begins…

First course – Salmon tartar with caviar

Looks good huh? First taste- The wasabi kicks you straight in the head then stomps you while you’re down. Yes, it was almost inedible. We weren’t the only one who felt that way, the woman across the table from us just cringed, wiped her nose and put her spoon down after having her first taste of it.

Second course – Yellowtail sashimi with jalapeño

Wow, wow, WOW!! This is where the gastronomy experience starts! Explosion of flavours in our mouth, the salty soy, fresh coriander, sweet sashimi and just a hint of jalapeño that lingers in the heaven of our mouth.

Third course – Sashimi salad

Not so sure the raw squid is necessary, it didn’t taste of much just really gooey and slimy. The sweetness of the onions eaten with the tangy salad dressing was a highlight of this dish. Sashimi and prawns were nice enough but not gastronomic.

Fourth course – Beef teppanyaki with mushrooms and vegetables

No photo taken… apologies. but it did look more impressive than taste.. It failed to impress us. The best way to describe this is, it was average cooked beef in a very salty and sour gravy. That’s all.

Fifth course – Black miso cod

Saltiness of the miso with perfectly cooked soft, flaky cod was pleasurable to eat, but I felt like I was looking for something more in it. Not too sure about the pickled ginger for appetite cleanser. We had high expectations of this dish which turned out to be nice, but it did not blow us away.

Sixth course – miso soup

I liked the seaweed in the soup, that was all that was nice about it. It’s quite bland.

Seventh course – Sushi

A selection of sushi. None of which blew us away.

Dessert- bento box dessert with chocolate fondant and green tea ice cream

I like a good fondant which has a chocolatey goey hot center that flows out like hot lava as I cut into it. I was slightly disappointed, a little too dry and just not very chocolatey.
I also like a good green tea ice cream, it has to taste of green tea though! I was slightly dissapointed too, I thnk the green tea flavour was struggling to burst through but never got there.

I am sad to say that by the end of it, I couldn’t wait to leave as I’ve just about had enough of the seating and was extremely uncomfortable. So we didn’t really have a gastronomic experience at all this time and I really hope that we just came on a bad night (perhaps their real chef was sick?)

We won’t be rushing back here yet, but will definitely give it another chance just because of the yellowtail sashimi.

Nobu Perth
18 March 2012
Dinner 8.00 to 11.15 pm

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