The Tuck Shop Cafe in Northbridge

Posted on April 27, 2012


The Tuck Shop Cafe in Northbridge is one of my new favourite breakfast haunts, I always feel like I can instantly unwind as soon as I walk it (my tummy certainly relaxes itself after too). There’s a nice fresh relaxing feel to it- the rustic food, neutral decor, the slightly prickly brown sack cushions against my back, I could easily spend hours here.A view to the front of the cafe

We haven’t tried everything on their menu yet, so here’s the story so far…

I can never resist their vanilla milkshake. I sacrifice my coffee for this instead. I don’t know where else in Perth to get a vanilla milkshake where I can see that vanilla pods have been scraped to make this milkshake. M’s usual is a long mac which he definitely approves.

 The first time we were here, we decided we had to try one of their pies, urbanspoon said they’re good. It must be true. 

Beef and bacon cheddar pie 

It had nice big chunks of beef and good pastry. My complaint is I couldn’t see or taste the bacon or cheddar, definitely very warming and homely beef pie though. Maybe a little more gravy would be nice too. 

Can’t order a pie without chips, so we did.

 OMG.. they were good. Jus burgers used to make chips like this when they first opened, now they’ve gone too big and its a shame. My only regret, I had to share these with M.  

Moroccan meatballs with dukkha

 The egg and sauce were nice, but I was expecting something with lots of Moroccan flavours to just burst through and they didn’t. The meat was just bland and probably needs seasoning.  

Cheese Kransky with potatoes, tomato relish and onion rings

The potatoes on here were the best! That helps to balance out the fact that the cheese kransky is quite salty and onion rings tad greasy. 

Baked beans with smoked hock

Finally, I found the perfect dish here. The beans were cooked just right, not mushy. The tomato based sauce has nice hint of herbs through it, topped with sour cream and onion rings. Just the perfect dish to soak up with all that garlic bread served on the side. 

So, the food is not all perfect, but don’t dismiss it. Each time that we’ve been back, it’s proved to be better than the last. One day, it will be perfect. 

The Tuck Shop Cafe
178 Newcastle St, Northbridge, Perth 

Breakfast:  17 March 2012                     
                      14 April 2012

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