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Posted on August 10, 2012


Promise to keep it to yourself….I have found South West WA’s best hidden secret. If you have ever thought that you just want to get away from it all and absorb in nature, serenity and each other this is it.

You have probably heard of Walpole. Most likely done a day trip here from Denmark or Pemberton to do the Giant Treetop Walk. But have you ever been to the Walpole inlet? Well, this is how it all begins…

Our houseboat “Cruise Away” was our home for the next 3 nights.

Night 1 – We moored up near Rest Point.

If you’re not on a houseboat, you can enjoy the Walpole Inlet by staying at the Rest Point instead http://www.restpoint.com.au/home.htm.

There was a book on board called “Rest Point Remembered” by Derek Hands, which tells the story of the first pioneers who built their homes, business and raised their family here amongst the Karri forrest. We read this book every night before bed and bit by bit, we got to know the stories behind every names on the Walpole and Nornalup Inlet.

Day 2 – Circus Beach

We moored up at Sealer’s Cove on Day 2, dinghy across and walked the 1.8km track to get to Circus Beach. There is no vehicle access to the beach, but it is well worth the walk here. It is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt beach I’ve ever seen.

Night 2 – Frankland River

We cruised down the Frankland River at sunset and was truly taken away by the view here. No photoshop there.. the river is glassy.

Day 3 – Frankland River/ Nornalup

We decided to wake up at 6am to do some fishing and soon realised that it wasn’t just the fish that was worth waking up for.

These photos were taken from our ‘backyard’. The mist rolling down the river is somewhat eerie and ghostly just as the sun is peeping through. But as the sun rises slowly, the river bursts into maginficent colours which can only be described as magical to see.

Oh yes, and of course, there were lots of hungry black bream in the river.

We travelled down the river to Nornalup town, hoping to have some lunch at the Nornalup Teahouse Restaurant. Unfortunately they were shut. But the trip down here was definitely worth doing as the views of the karri forrest is breathtaking.

Soon, it was nearly night 3 and we did what we do best here… drop a line in, pop an icy cold beer (ginger beer in my case!), sit back and enjoy the stillness.

This was the view from our kitchen/living room. I remember saying to myself “This has got to be the best views I’ve ever had while doing the dishes”. You can probably also see the silver ice box out on the deck, which kept the beer icy cold all weekend, and kept the man happy.

So if you’ve stumbled on my secret, check out Houseboat Holidays in Walpole. Sure you won’t have the fancy bedding and private pool villa if you go to Walpole instead of Bali. But it’s closer than flying to Bali, you can swim off your front or back deck, your beer and rod will be within arms reach and it will be the cheapest 360° water view accomodation you’ve ever spent your money on.

Final tip – forget your watch and plan your day as the sun tells you to, bring lots of food and beer on board and don’t be surprised if you don’t see anyone for days.

Houseboat Holiday, Walpole

Best holiday yet… 20 – 23 July 2012

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