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Posted on August 13, 2012


I’m always slightly skeptical about modern asian food. Mostly, because I’m Asian but also because I am absolutely in love with Thai food for what it is – everything from the saltiness, sweetness and spiciness to the pungent flavours of Thailand. If anything, I’m usually more inclined to search far just to find a restaurant which can recreate that authentic experience, not the ‘modern’ version. But I’ve heard all the rage about Nahm Thai and M finally convinced me one Saturday night to try it.

A Saturday night at Nahm Thai means that we can only have the set menu for $75 per head, which was great anyway as everything on the menu sounded good. The restaurant smelled like Thailand as soon as we stepped in and I was excited to get straight into the food.

First Entrée – Seared Scallop


First impression, burst of saltiness, sourness and sweetness hits me straight away. Unfortunately the delicate flavour of the scallops were overpowered by the sweetness. Still, not a bad start..

Second Entrée – Soft Shell Crab


Soft on the inside, crispy on the outside. Again, another burst of sweet, salty and sour, but I’m starting to think there’s too much sweetness.

First Main – Crispy Pork Hock


Second Main – Roast Duck Red Curry with Lychees


Third Main – Crispy Barrammundi


After the two fairly sweet entrée, I was looking forward to some savoury dishes. Instead, the mains were laden with palm sugar too. I was disappointed that the other Thai spices and pungent flavours just didn’t shine through any of the dishes at all. Instead I felt like I had just eaten 5 desserts and my sweet coconut juice drink was starting to taste like water compared to the food. By this stage I wasn’t sure that I want dessert after all.

Dessert – Lime tart with coconut ice cream


The lime tart was citrusy and was well complimented by the sweet coconut ice cream. It was definitely a refreshing end to the meal and the highlight of the dinner. Sadly I couldn’t finish my dessert as I was very much ‘sugar-ed out’.

Overall, the service was faultless and I had a sickly sweet Thailand experience here at Nahm Thai…and I don’t think that we’ll be back here again for the food. But hey, at least I’ve done the ‘ modern Thai’ experience now. If you have a sweet tooth and is a shy Thai food eater, maybe this will be a good introduction.

Nahm Thai Restaurant
223 Bulwer St, Perth

Dinner @ 8.00pm
16 June 2012

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